Sunday, April 14, 2013

My trip to England, France and Singapore 2010

                                 My trip Overseas

   On May 28th 2010 I was on my way to meet my Grandma so we could go to the airport. When we got to the airport I checked in with my flight to Singapore. After we checked in we went to the customs. We got through quickly.Then we went to our gate and waited for our A380 to park.   

        When we boarded I sat in economy class. I sat next to mum and my brother.  
This is a video of  London to Singapore.
Singapore to Sydney

                 Then we took off to Singapore City. When we took off I started watching Tooth Fairy and then Justice League.  these are some photos from England, France and Singapore.

Me and great grandma at a takeaway in Maplethorpe.

Josef and Nanny at the takeaway.

Yummy food !
Me at a restaurant in Maplethorpe.

                                                                 Great grandma at Maplethorpe

                                                     Me riding rusty the donkey.
                                             Mum pretending to ride a motorbike at Aunty Maureens house.

                                                              Josef at Lincoln castle.

                                                                    Lincoln Castle



                                               Hubbard Hills

                                                           ST James parish church at Louth.
                                             Josef at Aunty Maureens house.
                                                  Steam train pulling into the station.

                                                      Me and aunty Maureen



                                 Steam train ride.
                  Hanging around Lincolnshire
                           Isle of wight

                         Great grandma


                                                        Bubble clock

                    Borton on the water


                                                       Mum and uncle steve


                                             The tour guide asked me to help him so he put his suit on me.

                                                    The Merlion I saw in Singapore looked like this.

                       The End